Metaverse World Digital Citizens Distributed Identity Service

Metaverse World Digital Citizens Distributed Identity Service

The distributed identity service DIS (Decentralized Identity Service) securely stores the identity information of personal and corporate users through the metaversewld chain, and provides identity and information interaction for users, user information providers, and user information users while protecting privacy. This enables enterprises and institutions to use and manage user identity information and data authorization in a more compliant manner, and the authenticity of identity information is greatly guaranteed.

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Personal privacy protection problem

As the most controversial topic since the birth of the Internet, identity and data are not only the true mapping of people's footprints on the Internet and the real world, but also bring more complicated personal privacy protection and other problems.

Enterprise digital challenges

When data privacy protection has become an area that users, all walks of life, and supervision are paying more and more attention to, data security and data sovereignty governance have become difficult challenges for enterprises on the road to digitalization.

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Distributed Identity System

Identity and other information are permanently stored on a distributed system based on the blockchain, managed and authorized by the identity owner, and the identity user is authorized to use it and cannot be used for other purposes.
Leading identity management
Using biometrics, mobile terminals, blockchain and cryptography and other methods to achieve a convenient joint controllable digital identity management system.
Strong data privacy protection
Use zero-knowledge proof, cryptography and other technologies to help desensitize the identity and avoid the theft of sensitive data. Full link encryption and storage of identity information make data usage available and invisible.


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