Metaverse World abides by the "world view of the unity of man and nature, the international view of harmony among nations, the social view of harmony but not uniformity, and the moral view of kindness" to build a brand-new Metaverse World.


Times have changed again, and we have entered a new era once again.

The Metaverse gives all people in the world an opportunity to be reborn, equal, and free.

The future world is the Metaverse world.

About Us

Croatia is located in southeastern Europe, at the junction of the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannonian Plain of the Balkans. It is known as the "Back Garden of Europe." Croatia is said to be reserved by God, with the eye of the earth, hot springs, original ecological landscape, and clean air. It is the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean.


Metaverse World was created by the Former President, the current Prime Minister, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Finance of Croatia. The headquarters of Metaverse World is located in the former site of the Political Academy in Croatia during the Tito period, which hosted 186 presidents. Stjepan Mesic, the Former President, was invited to become the honorary chairman of Metaverse World.


Metaverse ecosystem

1. Metaverse Special Economic Zone

Metaverse World and Croatian governments at all levels have established management committees to jointly formulate policies, plan and design, and attract investment. The special economic zone promotes the diversification of the Croatian economy with three key industries: blockchain, online games and emerging technologies. In the special economic zone, warehousing, logistics, production, processing and other enterprises are planned to be built. There are specialized aviation and ports to provide transportation services.


2. Idealism Demonstration Zone

The idealistic demonstration zone is a highly autonomous and fully open economic ecology. Any individual and team can interact and communicate without barriers in the demonstration zone and operate together. Everyone provides labor or services, obtains economic benefits, and can conduct transactions and settlements. In the demonstration area, people make the best use of their talents, use their assets to the best of their ability, and be wealthy together. Residents can enjoy a life of free education, free room and board, free transportation, and free medical care, which can truly help people realize the vision of an "idealistic society."


3. World Digital Citizen

The world digital citizen is created based on the decentralized identity technology (DID), which is the basis for global users to enter the Metaverse World. Becoming a world digital citizen, you will have assets of "digital territory," which can be freely moved.  You can freely and openly formulate the rules of the Metaverse and also participate in the activities of the Metaverse with different people. You can network, socialize, grow and accumulate wealth in the Metaverse World.  You can obtain a European green card and a European passport, which is visa-free for more than 170 countries.  You can participate in various activities organized by the Metaverse and enjoy the benefits granted.


4. Integrity Self-Inspection System

Based on the underlying encryption technology of the blockchain, Integrity Self-Inspection System adopts the public chain and is empowered through the integration of the underlying architecture of blockchain, which is distributed, decentralized, immutable and smart contract.  As a result, the deadbeat has nowhere to hide , and honest people can get the most benefits.


5. Digital Bank

Metaverse World issues Metaverse digital currency and digital stocks to the world, opens up payment channels for world trade, establishes a world trade settlement system, and creates an ecosystem of "virtual reality + social interaction, games, and shopping." The business of digital banking can conduct transactions and settlements in the virtual world and the real world, realizing the integration and unification of the virtual and real world.


6. Global Game Animation Alliance

Metaverse World has established business formats such as e-sports stadiums and e-sports training bases; and built e-sports cultural theme blocks, such as introducing e-sports hotels and e-sports cultural centers. It provides global e-sports enthusiasts with a "sacred place" for mutual exchanges and learning.  Also for the fans of e-sports, Metaverse World provides a home belonging to their favorite team. It regularly organizes global game animation competitions, attracting tens of thousands of professional players from nearly 100 countries and regions, thousands of game animation film companies and higher art schools. The Metaverse World will bring a new experience of more diverse cultural life to hundreds of millions of players around the world.


7. Digital Twin

Projecting the physical world with the digital world twin, and intelligently analyzing the data, it manages and operates business automatically, intelligently, and smartly. At the same time, it optimizes and improves the governance, planning and operation of cities and industries, which greatly reduces social transaction costs, improves the efficiency of optimal allocation of resources, improves the added value of products, enterprises and industries, thus promoting the rapid development of social productivity.


8. Digital Exchange

Metaverse World cooperates with the Croatian National Exchange and the Slovenian National Exchange to establish the Croatian National Stock Exchange and the European Digital Exchange, which will receive the listing of all digital currencies in the world. The digital exchange has become an industry incubator and accelerator for the Metaverse industry.


9. Metaverse Valley

Metaverse Valley is an industrial and innovative city supported by the Croatian government. Its mission is to build a world-leading modern system for Metaverse business and blockchain technology. The core of Metaverse Valley is to build the world's leading industrial cluster of Metaverse through capital and industry.

Metaverse Valley is also committed to becoming a bridge between Croatia and the global blockchain/Metaverse technology community, connecting China, Singapore, UAE and Silicon as an international innovation center. Croatian Metaverse Valley will become the world's first Metaverse business system and industry gathering place.

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